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Léon beer

Léon beer is pale and full-bodied. It has been specially concocted by Master Brewer, Jean Pagura, in collaboration with the St-Feuillien brewery to create a delicious combination to pair well with the Belgian and Brussels dishes served at Chez Léon. This beer is unique because it can only be tasted at Chez Léon in Rue des Bouchers where it is served in a large, round glass, specially designed for it.

For its Léon beer and under its Return to Source programme, Chez Léon has set up three new bars (one on the ground floor and two upstairs) in order to offer its customers the perfect place to sample its beer.

With more than forty years of experience in the brewing, Master Brewer Pagura came up with an original Belgian beer for Léon, smooth and powerful at the same time. It is the result of a clever mix of pale malts, spring and winter barley and rare hops from Germany and Central Europe. It derives its whole personality from a final addition of sweet and sour orange peel.

This Belgian high fermentation beer is served from the barrel and is 6.5% ABV. It is brewed at Roeulx in the installations at the St-Feuillien brewery.

To find out more about the St-Feuillien brewery, please visit their website

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